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Getting Around Sydney. Essential Travel Tips!


19 Dec Getting Around Sydney. Essential Travel Tips!

For our guests of the Zing! Backpackers Hostel, you have chosen to stay in one of the best located hostels in Sydney!

Here are the essentials you need to know to help you get around Sydney easily.

Get an Opal Travel Card

opal card

You will need to purchase an Opal Travel Card and top it up with credit to ride on public transport in Sydney.

The closest place from our hostel to purchase a card is at The Corner Store a few doors up at 130 Victoria st or at the Woolworths supermarket on 81 Macleay st, a 5min walk. Look for any store that displays the Opal symbol to purchase or top up your Opal Card.

Some train stations also have top up machines or you can register online and top up using a credit card.

Your Opal Card will allow you to travel on Buses, Trains and Ferries in Sydney.

Tip! Sundays is the cheapest day to travel with all day travel for just $2.50! For more information head to Opal for Visitors


1. Getting into the city CBD

Walking– If you feel like going for a walk to discover the sights along the way, turn left out of The Originals and walk up to the next intersection. Cross the road to the right and head down the main road, William st. Walk down William street until you reach Hyde Park. Walk through hyde park diagonally to the right across to the other side where you will be in the heart of the city close to Sydney Tower and Pitt St Mall. (about 25minutes)

For walking directions to the Sydney CBD on Google Maps, click here

Train – Kings Cross station is 200metres up the road on our street, Victoria st. Turn left out of the hostel and the entrance to Kings Cross Station is on your left. Head down to the platform that will take you one stop to Martin Place. This stop will take you to the heart of the Sydney CBD. Trip is only a few minutes.


2. Getting to Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge 

Walking – turn right out of the hostel and walk to the end of the street. From here you will see a glimpse of our beautiful Sydney Harbour and the Harbour Bridge. Take the steps down and take the scenic walk along Woolloomoolloo Wharf and around the water line until you hit the botanical gardens. (about 30minutes)

Follow the paths through the gardens or along the waters edge, that will take you to the Opera House. From here you are able to view the Harbour Bridge, Circular Quay where the ferries dock and around to the other side, ‘The Rocks’ which is the original Old Sydney Town. You’ll need a half day at least to fully explore these areas around our harbour.

For walking directions to the Sydney Opera House on Google Maps, click here 

Train – Turn left out of the hostel and walk 200metres to the entrance to Kings Cross Station on your left. Head down the station and catch the train one stop to Martin Place. Here, get off and change trains to Circular Quay stop. Exit at Circular Quay station and you will be right in front of Sdyney Harbour. Or you can exit the train at Martin Place and walk trhough the city towards the harbour, about 10mins.


3. Getting to Bondi Beach 

Train & Bus – Go to Kings Cross Station , 200metres up the road and catch the train to Bondi Junction stop. Get out here and head towards the large bus interchange where you will see regular buses number 389 to take you down to Bondi Beach. The whole trip will take about 30 minutes

4. Getting to Manly Beach

Take the train from Kings Cross Station, one stop to Martin Place. From here, walk down to Circular Quay, and find the ferries on Wharf 6. Catch the ferry to Manly and enjoy the ride! Once at Manly walk through the Corso (mall with shops ) and you will reach manly surf beach at the other side. The ferry ride from Circular Quay is about 20mins.


5. Getting to Coogee Beach

Catch the train from Kings Cross station up the road to Bondi Junction stop. Get out and head towards the buses. Catch the 353 Eastgardens bus which will get you to Arden st in Coogee in 14minutes. Its then a 3 minute walk to the beach.




6. Getting to Darling Harbour 

Catch the train from Kings Cross station up the road, 2 stops to Town Hall station. Exit and find Market st, then walk straight down towards Darling Harbour. Walk over the bridge to explore the other side, then walk back around to check out the cool bars and restaurants at Darling Wharf and Kings St Wharf.

Tip! head down to Darling Harbour on a Saturday night for free fireworks at 9pm. They are on from December through to January. For more info click here


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